Tumbling Through Time by Gwyn Cready
Pocket Books
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-4115-8
Reviewed by Annmarie



Before her flight from Pittsburgh to Venice, Persephone “Seph” Pyle slips away from her hunky co-worker, Tom Fraser, to shop for new shoes.  When she slips the delectable heels on, she is plummeted from the present into the past and onto a ship sailing in the Mediterranean. The year is 1706.

Seph meets the ship’s captain, Phillip Drummond, who looks eerily like Tom.  In fact, many of the ship’s passengers look like people Seph knows from the present.  Seph learns that the romance novel she planned to write “someday” is being lived in 1706.  Her undeveloped novel is dangerously shaping the destiny of Drummond, her hero.  While trying to make things right, Seph finds herself falling for the sexy captain.  When Seph inadvertently brings Tom to 1706 too, she is forced to decide between Drummond and Tom.

I always enjoy a witty romance.  Gwyn Cready’s Tumbling Through Time is cleverly comedic and sensuously romantic.  I fell in love with both Drummond and Tom and was unsure if I could bear for Seph to choose between the two.  Hats off to Ms. Cready, whose solution staved off my potential heartache. 

I knew I had to read a book that has romance, comedy and uses shoes as a plot device.  My three favorite things!  How could I not love Tumbling Through Time?  Don’t miss Gwyn Cready’s exuberant debut novel, Tumbling Through Time


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