This Just In by Christy Poff
Internet Bonds, Book 6
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Torrid Romance Contemporary; BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-59374-947-7
Reviewed by Indy



Twice now, Ainsley has found herself dealing from the assault of a Dom who has fixated on her. A Dom herself who likes to switch sides from time to time, her latest attack leaves her with a cautiousness that canít be erased. That is until she meets reporter Brett Quincannon, an alpha male who is unsure about her lifestyle. But confusion wonít get in his way of having Ainsley. The two embark on a journey of discovery where switching sides is part of who they become and what they need. As they begin to relax, the danger that has stalked Ainsley for the last couple of years comes knocking with a final revenge in mind.

This Just In is the first book Iíve read from the Internet Bonds series and after spending the past few hours reading about more death than should be allowed in a romance, it may be my last. Ainsely, the heroine of this story, finds herself from the jump being assaulted, stalked, shot at and in between these situations she finds a lovable alpha slave who made my toes curl he was so good. My issue with the story is outside of their interesting romance, and unbelievably hot trysts, the rest of the tale was filled with so much torment I wanted to stop reading mid way through. This story had some great parts to it, but it was hard to focus on the good parts of it when time after time after time something bad is happening to the couple youíre trying to enjoy. Christy Poff has tons of fans so Iím sure this is not a true indicator of her talent but I think I will shy away from her BDSM series all the same.


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