Thief of Mine by Amarinda Jones
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419911064
Reviewed by Indy



Seeing your best friend bent over with a blond Adonis enthusiastically going to town on her isn’t what Stella Rowan expected to see right before said best friend was supposed to walk down the isle. On a current drought from sex, Stella has to admit to that she could trade places and it be her having such glorious sex with the man who has a body to die for. Kit Kincaid is only enjoying a farewell tryst with an old friend, but the woman who comes in flustered and gawking catches his attention. Intent on having the prissy little beauty, he sets about using the craftiness that has helped him in his “acquisitions business” to woo the uptight minx. As these two come to terms with a passion Stella is unready for, they will have to keep their limbs in place when Kit’s past comes exploding into their present.

This is a sure fire book for those looking to laugh their way to ecstasy. Thief of Mine is full of some of the funniest characters around, from the female villain to a heroine with more sass and wit than should be allowed.  Amarinda Jones is well becoming an author to watch with her interesting style that brings with it a touch of Australian culture I find extremely fascinating. Kit and Stella’s adventures in the world of high stakes thievery is a light tale that takes you from one hilarious mess-up to another and left me on more than one occasion in stitches.  With all the laughter and caustic wit, the one thing that sealed the deal for me was the actual romance. It took a little time to work things out but in the end these two who were opposites yet perfect for each other made this tale a pleasure to read. Until the next book, I will have to reread this one when I need another taste of Ms. Jones’ style!


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