The Treaty by Heather Holland
Twilight Fantasies
Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance (M/M/F)
ISBN: 1-934495-26-3; (13) 978-1-934495-26-1
Reviewed by Sabella



Maddox is so not happy right now.  Hes being shipped out to marry some girl he has never seen and knows nothing about to seal a treaty.  So when he is being escorted to his transport ship he sneaks off and boards the slowest ship bound to Kelthos where he is to meet his bride.  However, during his trip he is seduced by a couple who call themselves Blu and Gold and they blow his mind.  How is he supposed to face his intended bride when he cant stop thinking about this encounter?

Tiana and Blu have been together for a long time but they hope that the addition of Maddox to their marriage will complete their Trijoin and cement the treaty between their worlds.

The Treaty is a fun sci-fi romp full of erotic moments and understated humor.  Tiana, Blu and Maddox are a lot of fun to read about and super sexy when they come together.  The Treaty is a book for a lazy afternoon when you want a steamy romance. I really enjoyed The Treaty and I will be looking forward to reading more books by Heather Holland.


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