The Strength of Three by Annmarie McKenna
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance/Ménage
ISBN: 1-59998-553-5
Reviewed by Tanya



Christina “Chris” has no need for men in her life, let alone the bosses that are driving her crazy.  She has a lot to deal with, starting with the fact that her brother is now turning into an abusive drunk just like their father was.  She is afraid anyone who drinks will turn into a different person, just like she saw growing up.  But, at the same time she is jealous of her best friend and the love of her life.  She occasionally thinks of the possibility of having a loving spouse as does her friend.

TJ and Jon have shared a lot of things in their life.  Since they were SEALS they have found that they like to share their women and are looking for the right woman to settle down with.  They are both instantly drawn to Christine, but know with her history they will have to take things slowly or risk frightening her off for good.

The company party seems to be the place for TJ and Jon to make their move.  Chris has actually dressed up for the affair and seems to be willing to talk with them, even if she is still nervous with all the drinking going on.  Will she give into her fantasies, and will they stand by her when tragedy strikes?

As usual Annmarie McKenna does not disappoint.  She has written another spicy ménage romance.  While the book tackles a very real problem of alcoholism it also sets the stage for a loving relationship, while a bit unusual.  I enjoyed how the author kept the three main characters real to their personalities and kept them from giving up who they are.  Add the super hot sex scenes and The Strength of Three makes for a great quick read.


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