The Scent of Evil by Savannah Madanelle
Midnight Dream Girls
Cobblestone Press
Vampire/Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-076-6
Reviewed by Tanya



Brianna is a normal hard working college student, who tends bar at night to help pay for her education, when she is kidnapped.  The kidnapping wasn’t the worst of it though Kilo who abducts her turns her into a vampire.  While many of the myths about vampires are not true there are a few, such as needing blood that are.   When Brianna is blackmailed into trying to turn her boss things go drastically wrong.  But, she had already purchased the bar from him and has ideas on how to make it profitable.  She has also had a 2 year dry spell in the sex department.

Steven is a college student on the way to becoming a doctor.  He stops into the Midnight Saloon one evening to try and unwind.  But, he is instantly drawn to Brianna.  He is stunned by the fact that she is the right woman for him, and will do anything and everything he needs to, to make her see this.

But, one night Kilo finds Brianna and tells her that it might just be her vampire charms that are causing Steven to be drawn to her.  So she agrees to an experiment.  Will the price of the experiment be too costly or will she finally have someone to love?

The Scent of Evil was a fast paced action filled romance that is the start of a series.  I liked how the female lead character was able to escape her captor and work hard to keep her humanity.  I also thought her ingenuity to make her business work and take the chance with Steven was a great plot line.  I look forward to the next story in the Midnight Dream Girls series.


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