The Princeís Ultimate Deception by Emilie Rose
Monte Carlo Affairs, Book 2
Silhouette Desire
Contemporary Romance
ISBN-13: 978-0373768103
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Madeline Spencer is in Monaco to help her friend Candace plan her wedding. Having had her heart broken by her cheating ex fiancť, Madeline is ready for an affair with no strings attached.  Wanting to experience everything there is to experience in this beautiful country, Madeline engages the aid of a tourist guide.  A very sexy and virile tourist guide named Damon Rossi.  Imagining all sorts of naughty escapades, Madeline quickly succumbs to Damonís seduction and that is when things fall apart.  It seems that Damon Rossi is not really a tourist guide.  In fact, he is not even a commoner. 

Prince Dominic Andreas Rossi de Montagnarde is in Monaco on official business for his island country.  Wanting to set up a tourist trade, he canít help but overhear the beautiful woman asking the concierge of the hotel to enlist the aid of a tourist guide for her.  Deciding to have a bit of fun before he must do his duty, Dominic introduces himself to the gorgeous woman.  There is just a tiny problem.  He uses a fake name and a fake occupation.  Hoping against hope that he will make memories to keep with him when he does his duty and marries a woman chosen for him, Dominic doesnít plan on falling in love. 

The Princeís Ultimate Deception, Book 2 of Emilie Roseís Monte Carlo Affairs series is just powerful.  I felt Dominicís need to be a regular man and Madelineís no nonsense approach to his royal status made me smile.  She loved Dominic for himself and I found myself chuckling out loud more than once at some of the pet names she used for him.  But if I smiled, I also got a bit sad as well. Dominic and Madeline cared about each other and there was nothing that they could do to stay together.  Or was there?

I am haunting bookstores at this moment for the third installment of this series.  Emilie Rose has me hooked on these great characters.  The Princeís Ultimate Deception was well written, it grabbed you by the heart, and the romance was sensual.  I loved it.


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