The Perfect Bride by Brenda Joyce
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-373-77244-5
Reviewed by Nannette



Blanche Harrington has resigned herself to a life devoid of passion and love but she needs a husband. She will have to choose one gentleman from her long list of suitors.

Rex de Warenne lives a solitary life in the country. He is plagued by guilt and loneliness. He has always admired Blanche, but only from afar.

Blanche arrives at Rex’s home and catches him a compromising position with the maid. Rex is convinced he will never win her affections now but Blanche is an amazing woman and they begin to forge a friendship anyway.  They each harbor secrets though. Rex has a son no one knows about and Blanche is beginning to remember the day her mother was brutally killed. Blanche’s secret is not only destroying her relationship with Rex, it is threatening her life.

There is passion and pleasure in The Perfect Bride, but the hardships Rex and Blanche face are constant. Rex and Blanche are wonderful characters and I was so pleased to see them find happiness together.  They took a very troubled road but it led them to a lovely ending. The Perfect Bride is a good story, but one I found to have more anguish than joy. 


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