The Millionaireís Indecent Proposal by Emilie Rose
Monte Carlo Affairs, Book 1
Silhouette Desire
Contemporary Romance
ISBN-13: 978-0373768042
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Franco Constantine has hardened his heart against women.  Knowing that there isnít a woman alive who canít be bought, he makes a wager with his father.  If he can find a woman willing to be his mistress for one million euros, then his father will turn over the reigns of the family company to Franco.  If he canít, then Francoís father will continue to be the head of Midas Chocolates and may marry his new young fiancť without any interference from Franco.  Piece of cake, right? Franco seems to think so and begins his search.

Stacy Reeves grew up constantly watching over her shoulder.  The child of an abusive, wealthy man, it wasnít until she was grown that she realized the hell her mother went through to keep her safe.  Never able to put down roots, Stacy is working towards the day she can buy her own home and settle down.  Meeting Franco Constantine outside of one of his familyís chocolate stores, she is instantly aroused and intrigued by him.  When he makes her an offer she would be stupid to refuse, Stacy has no idea that in reaching for the financial security she craves, she has just solidified Francoís assessment of her as a grasping, money-hungry woman. 

The Millionaireís Indecent Proposal made me tear up more than once. I felt so awful for Stacy and the way she had to grow up and while I didnít agree with her taking money to be Francoís mistress, I had to be realistic and admit that even I would have taken money to be Francoís mistress.  No, I canít lie.  I would have PAID Franco to be his mistress.  He was just that sexy.  His sensuality and magnetic appeal made him a worthy hero.  His inability to trust women came from past hurts and I canít blame him for doing his best to harden his resolve so that he was not hurt again.  Itís a good thing that Stacyís love was stronger than Francoís stubbornness.

The Millionaireís Indecent Proposal is the first book of a new series by Emilie Rose called Monte Carlo Affairs.  I enjoyed this book so much that I had to go out and find the second installment.  Now I am on the hunt for the third! 


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