The Last Thing I Wanted by Heather Rae Scott
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-084-3
Reviewed by Little Sunshine



Tory Sinclair could not believe she let her best friends talk her into playing a version of the Dating Game at a local bar called Ozzy’s.  Tory doesn’t need another useless date with Mr. Wrong, but she is about to find out Mr. Wrong is actually Mr. Right.

Gabe Matheson couldn’t refuse to participate in a charity event, after all that’s what most major NFL quarterbacks did, right?  He just hoped he would have some dignity left after playing in a Dating Game.  How hard can it be to pick a date for one weekend?  Gabe was about to find out since the girl he picks is someone that left him without any explanation five years earlier.

Now thrown together in an awkward situation, Gabe and Tory must discover if the flickering flame of love they felt for each other years ago still burns.  Can Tory reveal to Gabe the reasons she had for leaving him?  Can Gabe forgive the one girl he really cared about even after she left him with a shattered heart?  Can they rekindle a love that was so strong and passionate in a weekend and realize that they are exactly what the other needs?

The Last Thing I Wanted, was a very cute story about, what if?   We’ve all wondered at one time or another how our lives would have turned out if we would have pursued the “one that got away”.  Gabe and Tory’s characters were very passionate, but the relationship in the story seemed rushed to get them together and just give them the “happily ever after” ending.  The Last Thing I Wanted, overall was a good read, I just felt the main characters could have been better developed.


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