The Canvas of Her Skin by Vivien Dean
ISBN: 1-59426-615-8
Reviewed by Tanya



Mark just wants to continue to paint his landscapes and continue on with his life as it currently is.  But, his agent has other ideas.  She has decided he either take a life study class or she will drop him.  Bullied into it, he takes the class.  He never expects to meet Tallulah.  Tallulah is the classes’ model and a free spirited voluptuous model at that.  When Mark asks her on a date she considers and then decides to throw caution to the wind and goes out with him.

When Tallulah see' Marks old work she is inspired, and inspires him.  She challenges him to use her as his canvas, and inspiration.  But, will Mark see below the surface and take what Tallulah is really offering?

The Canvas of Her Skin is a very sensual story.  While some might think that painting on skin is just a mess the author lets you follow the way the project turns sensual.  I found myself intrigued with the new look at a way to inspire an artist who has lost their muse.


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