Thaw in Winter by Kate Steele
Loose Id
Erotic Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-489-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Mark Bartel is vacationing in his cabin out in the woods.  Away from everyday life, heís hoping on spending some enjoyable time alone and taking some long walks through the forest.  The last thing that Mark expected was to come across Joe, a man that turns him on like no other - a man thatís married, if his ring is anything to go by.  However, after spending an enjoyable time with Joe over a cup of campfire coffee Mark promises to call and set a dinner date once they are both back in town.  Will Mark get over his reticence over announcing his sexuality and meet Joe for a date?  The decision is taken out of Markís hands when he has to go looking for Joe in the midst of a blizzard and finding him unconscious, Mark takes him to his cabin to recuperate from his accident.

Kate Steele had my attention from the first page of Thaw in Winter. Mark is such an endearing and innocent man that you want to protect him, while providing him with what he wishes for Ė Joe.  Watching them dance around each other was torture, while knowing that they wanted to come together so badly so it was doubly rewarding when they finally do.  Mark and Joe have such hot chemistry that they will leave you sweating and have you glued to your screen to follow the action.  Thaw in Winter is a great book with its moments of angst, flirtation and the erotic encounters that are molten hot.  However, I wished I had gotten to see a little more of the life that Mark and Joe start together and a resolution to a few teeny loose ends.  Still, Thaw in Winter was a great read - perfect for a day without worries.  I will definitely be looking for more books by Kate Steele.


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