Texas Tea by Maura Anderson
Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-30168-052-5
Reviewed by Rosemary



Photo Journalist Lara Saunders, arrives at the Old Point Loma Lighthouse in Southern California to document its history. This is the last lighthouse in the series for her book.  All she wants to do is finish it, get some much needed rest, and at some point have a long-term relationship, but men tend to shy away from Lara and her friendly ghosts.  Lara walks into the building to meet her tour guide Park Ranger Matthew Martinez.  One look at the stunning park ranger and Laraís heart is captured. 

Something about Lara called to the man and coyote dwelling in Matt.  Coyote didnít accept strangers easily, let alone seek to be near them, but Lara was an exception, Coyote wanted her as much as Matt did, and Coyote let him know just how much, by keeping Matt in an almost constant state of arousal.  Coyote took on an almost genteel persona with Lara; even ignored it when she thought him a dog, but Coyote recognized his mate from the beginning, and compels Matt to claim her.

Texas Tea keeps you amused with this witty, delectable romance, and provides a little history lesson also.  Lara aches for a relationship, but is afraid her secret makes her too weird.  Matt is afraid that no woman will be able to live with the wild and very opinionated coyote part of him.   Maura Andersonís hot, sexy unique characters arouse an affinity to the coyote personified in Matt.  Texas Tea is a sensuous, mouth-watering saga that will require a pitcher of iced tea and a change in underwear.  I am enchanted with the man and the beast.  I look forward to more of Maura Andersonís captivating stories in the future. 


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