Stranded by Eve Vaughn
Samhain Publishing
Interracial Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-664-7
Reviewed by Rosemary



On a plane heading for Fuamatuu Island, India Powers could feel someone watching her.  Across the aisle sat Rafe Santiago and his best friend Grant Thompson, both smiling at her with aspiration in their eyes.  Before the plane could reach the designated island, engine problems caused it to crash into the ocean.  The only survivors, the three of them band together keeping each other alive for fifty-seven days before rescue arrives.  The bonding of the three on the island and a vow to stay together always, meets with a variety of tribulations once they are home.  Rafe has to contend with a greedy ex-wife, India has to deal with parents so twisted, they should be confirmed a menace to society.  Grant gives support to both Rafe and India with his continual loving presence and quiet strength.   

Stranded is all about staying alive.  India, Rafe and Grant have a special link to each other, all three having suffered abuse as a child, all three looking for a committed relationship.  Eve Vaughn gives you an in depth analysis of each character’s existence as children and their accomplishments, Rafe and Grant have an accounting firm, and India is a lawyer.  Stranded is jam-packed with red hot sex and emotions enough to elevate your blood pressure.  This is a fantastic story that I enjoyed a great deal.


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