Storm Whispers & Storm View by J.J. Massa & Nix Winter
Yaoi/Paranormal Anthology
ISSN: 1-60054-080-5
Reviewed by Sabella



Storm Whispers

Miran and Valentine have loved each other for a long time, but they have never dared to give their love a physical expression.  When they finally dare to come together Miran and Valentine meet on All Hollows Eve in an old deserted church.  Both are full of eager anticipation, but neither expects what they really get Ė a curseÖa curse that will last through the ages.


Storm View

Valentine has lived hundreds of years, years he has spent alone.  Miran is reborn knowing Valentine and dreaming of his lover; but Valentine has no memory of Miran or their time together until they meet.  When Miranís current incarnation dies, Valentine forgets everything repeating the cycle again.  Will they be able to overcome the curse and be together?


Storm Whispers felt like the prologue to the real story.  Miran and Valentine are hardly able to come together when they are cursed.  What will happen to them and how will they survive the curse - we donít find out.  Storm View gives us glimpses of the future that Miran and Valentine share and how the curse affects them.  Miranís every incarnation is different and receives Valentine with feelings varying from undying love to hate.  Valentine, however, lives his life in ignorance of Miran until they meet again. 

Storm Whispers & Storm View feels like a collection of short stories that give us a glimpse into the story of Miran and Valentine throughout time.  Both Miran and Valentine are emotional men that will catch your attention, but the action doesnít really start until almost the very end of the book.  Several new characters are introduced in the second-half of the book and their importance is not revealed until much later.  All in all, Storm Whispers & Storm View is an average book that might have been great if it has been shorter or if the action had started earlier.


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