Station Leave by Silvia Violet
Changeling Press
Fantasy/Alien Planet/BDSM
ISBN: 978 -1-59596 -699 -5
Reviewed by Tanya



Sabra has just finished a two month inter-galactic shipping run with an incompetent crew with nothing to eat on but beans and rice.  If she doesnít get some real meat into her system soon she's not sure what she will do, add to that the sexual frustration she is feeling and she needs a vacation.  When her lunch is mixed up with another crew chief, of a competitive shipping company no less.  She finds herself attracted to the man, and making a proposition that she wouldnít normally make.

Nick is drawn to the woman, and he isnít sure why, but when she propositions him there is no way he wonít take her up on it.  When he finds she's a little bit kinky, as he is, they are in for one hot night.  He finds in the morning that he doesnít want to let her go, and he isnít sure how she will take it.  After setting up another meeting, complete with promised hot sex, they are both in for some fun.

Will they figure out how to make an inter-galactic romance work?  Especially when they're working for competing companies.

Station Leave is a fast paced futuristic story about instant attraction.  The author does a great job in setting the stage for the main characters to meet, as well as the super steamy sex scenes.  While there is an abundance of sex in this story, there is also a plot line and the characters express normal feelings and reservations.  Station Leave is a hot, quick, hot, erotic (did I mention hot?) read.


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