Space Opera by Stephanie Burke
Changeling Press
ISBN: 978-1-59596-573-8
Reviewed by Rosemary



The human scientists arrived on the space station located far above the new earth; they were there for examinations of the perfect soldiers bred to protect the planet from the space scourge’s attacks.  Two of those soldiers are Javen, a moon dragon and Gara, a tiger, who were created to reverberate in perfect harmony with each other.  The hot-blooded tiger produced sufficient heat to warm the cold-blooded dragon throughout space patrols over the planet and during mating, after they had shifted back to human form.  In the course of testing, a scientist uncovered information that proves Javen is highly developed, the scientists fear they cannot have power over them any longer, and want to eliminate the creatures.  Javen gets forewarning from an unknown source that it is time to leave and find a home with no humans, and so, escape arrangements are prepared.

Space Opera is a multifaceted sci-fi odyssey with very imaginative characters.  Stephanie Burke exhibits an ingenious ability that captured my attention to the end.  The intimate moments are passionate; the overall story has very witty dialogue with a well paced plot.  I hope to see a part two carry on the fable in the near future.


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