Size Matters by Lucia Logan, Ariel Tachna, Shay Kincaid, Connie Bailey & Rhianne Aile, and Alix Bekins
Dreamspinner Press
Gay Romance Anthology
ISBN: 978-0-9795048-0-8
Reviewed by Sabella



Snowfall In Seattle by Lucia Logan

When Chris Booth agrees to cover an adult radio show about sex and relationships at his station during an emergency the last thing he expects is to end up with the job permanently.  How will he manage to do this without giving away his secret?

Snowfall in Seattle is a wonderful romance.  It’s sweet, emotional and hot.  Chris is very engaging and it was a lot of fun sharing his exploration of romance through the radio show and his secret admirer.


Healing In His Wing by Ariel Tachna

Ryan’s ship is in trouble – a plague is slowly infecting the crew and killing them.  When their pleas for help are answered by a nearby planet hope is renewed that a cure will be found.  Ryan, however, finds more than a cure for the plague – he finds his mate Juo.

Ryan and Juo make Healing in His Wing a charming and sweet story.  This fantasy tale will pull your heartstrings.


Ever Changing by Shay Kincaid

Chase has the talent of changing his appearance at will, and he has used it in the past to pick up “dates” at the different clubs he frequents.  What will happen when he uses this talent on his childhood rival Thomas to date him?

Chase and Thomas are cute and fun to read about in Ever Changing.  This story is hot and emotional, with a twist of fantasy.


Dreamscape International by Connie Bailey & Rhianne Aile

Luc can enter anyone’s dream and turn into their most secret fantasy, so when Dreamscape International hires him to do that professionally Luc is thrilled.  Luc goes into this job looking to find a place where he will fit in while doing something he enjoys.  The last thing Luc expected was to end up finding the love of his life.

Luc is a charming man and the world he inhabits is fascinating with the elements of paranormal.  Dreamscape International is a wonderful read and I look forward to reading more by Connie Bailey and Rhianne Aile.


An Academic Dilemma by Alix Bekins

Rodrigo is your average grad student except his part-time boyfriend has a full time lover and Rodrigo has the hots for the professor that he is assisting this semester.  However, when Rodrigo’s boyfriend springs a big surprise on him Rodrigo might end up having his wildest fantasies fulfilled.

An Academic Dilemma is a wonderfully kinky story.  We have a little D/s, a threesome and some spanking.  This was an all around fun read.


Size Matters is a good anthology and it proves that size does matter as these stories were all well developed and longer that your average anthology story.  All the stories are memorable in different ways, but they will all touch you and leave you hot at the end.  By far my favorite story was Dreamscape International, although all of the stories were good.  Do pick up Size Matters the next time you go shopping, as you will enjoy the experience!


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