Shadow Vision by Samantha Storm
New Concepts Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60394-047-4
Reviewed by Indy



Working two jobs can be hell but for Friday Maxwell, the term takes on a new meaning. Her second job as a Demon Killer brings her face to face with the creatures of nightmares. When an attack leaves her helpless and without sight, a bystander comes to her aid. Meeting a witch and her demon killer grandson is only one of the major changes in Fridayís week from hell. The mystery surrounding this little family grows larger as the carnage continues to mount and the magnitude of what sheís suddenly become involved in ensures she stays right by Van, her disgruntled new partnerís side.  Maxwell soon finds herself involved in a battle with a chosen one and his quest to save the children of his people from the demons now hunting them.

I guess the next time I start to complain about my job, I will remember this story. In a tale that was filled with tons of acrobatic moves and thrilling demon encounters, Shadow Vision was full of everything an action lover could want. From one death defying fight to another, the heroes in this story faced their demons head on in their attempts to save the innocent. Samantha Storm did a great job in making this story fast and exciting with the romantic aspects being a welcome addition but not the overall focus. I look forward to seeing if Ms. Storm writes another story about Maxwell and her demon killer Van. Iím sure this duo can only get better with time.


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