Sex Me Up by Tianna Xander & Bonne Rose Leigh
Triad Series, Book 1
ISBN: 1-55410-770-9
Reviewed by Klarissa



Wanting to find her mate, Jaynee casts a spell.  She never really expected it to work, but as the words sprang forth one morning when she woke, Jaynee soon discovered she wasnít a mate to one man, but two.

Dane, leader of the Savari and Lucan, a Pantari spy, both find themselves removed from their location only to be in the presence of their mate.  Shocked beyond all belief, Lucan and Dare realize that their lives combined with Jayneeís will bring peace to all.  Their Triad is just the beginning.

Sex Me Up is a good start to what might be a great new series.  I really loved the combination of the different species, but I would have liked a little more information concerning the actual threat.  Jaynee, Luc, and Dare make one hot Triad, but at times I didnít feel the men really step up to their caring role.  They were more focused on dominating her.  Although I found myself scratching my head regarding some of the guys actions, Iím still looking forward to reading the next book in the Triad series.


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