Sex Me Out by Tianna Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh
Triad Series Book 5
eXtasy Books
ISBN: 1-55410-770-9
Reviewed by Tanya



Kiri is concerned about the fate that Mother Goddess has in store for her.  She is fiercely protective of her adopted son Ryo, and wants to make sure that he is not treated harshly due to his lineage.  It isn’t his fault he was born of a captive mother.  She soon realizes that she is fated to have two mates and be part of another Triad. What is unknown is if Drace and Fury can come to terms with what the Mother Goddess has in store for her, and them. 

Drace is a Lioni Alpha and Fury is a Beriti shifter, but both are unsure how to approach Kiri when they find out she has been a captive, and how to handle her fierce protection of Ryo.  Add to that the ‘gift’ that Kiri has and it makes for some tense moments until the men figure out what there priorities are.

Sex Me Out is the latest chapter in the Triad Series and just as hot as the first 4.  This one is a bit different in that it helps to tie together a couple of different aspects of the species, and it gives you a glimpse as to where they will be going.  I love that Kiri is such a strong woman, and her “gift” is fitting for not only what she has endured but the overall series.  The authors also do know how to write some seriously erotic ménage scenes, along with a strong story line, that leave me looking for the next book in the series.


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