Sex Me Down by Tianna Xander & Bonnie Rose Leigh
Triad Series, Book 2
eXtasy Books
ISBN: 1-55410-770-9
Reviewed by Klarissa



The next in line to call her mates, Laynee reluctantly does the spell to summon them.  Within a short time, Laynee is in the presence of two powerful men.  How can she overcome her fear in order to take two mates?

Fane and Sayre are both shocked to discover their mate.  Although, Fane doesn’t want to share, he knows he must if he ever hopes to have children.  Realizing their mate is skittish, Fane and Sayre agree to work together to tame Laynee’s fear.  If they all expect to defeat the Banarts then this Triad must create the bond that passes on the spell for the next triad to form.

Sex Me Down is the second book in the Triad series.  I found Laynee to be a good character who overcomes her fears beautifully.  Both Fane and Sayre are likeable characters who really bring Sex Me Down alive.  I enjoyed the plot and the characters and I am still very interested in what the author will deliver next.


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