Setheus by Rene Lyons
The Seraphim, Book 1
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-537-3
Reviewed by Indy



Sometimes ignorance is a much sweeter bedfellow. Sabrina finds this out when, at the deathbed of her mother, everything she every thought about herself became a lie. The daughter of a human and angel, a nephilim, Sabrina sets out to find out who her father was and what that means for her. Setheus is a fallen angel on Earth with his brethrens, guardians of humans from evils they donít even comprehend.  As there has always been good, there has also been evil and it has new pawns to use against the Seraphims. But a love that has existed before the light of being just may be their greatest strength of all.

When reading a story that uses the baseline of religion to weave its tale, I always feel like a naughty girl about to get caught doing something dirty. Setheus, the story of a fallen angel, his comrades and the offspring of one of their own, was thrilling, intense but also a little scary for someone with a background of Sunday morning in the Baptist church pews. I always wonder if lightening will strike when a story Iím reading blends religious aspects with erotic high. Rene Lyons actually did a great job, her story maintained my interest from start to finish and the fact that she made me a little jittery added something extra to this story taunt with tension, danger and of course sensual trysts. Iím curious to see the follow-up stories because if this one is the model, then Iím sure I can expect nothing but top-notch additions to a series that looks as if it will blow readers away.


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