Seduced for the Inheritance by Jennifer Lewis
Silhouette Desire #1830
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0373768301
Reviewed by Nannette



Now that his father has passed, Reynaldo De Leon is head of the De Leon Empire.  Anna Marcus’s mother has also passed away. For years she’d been the cook in Naldo’s household. The cottage her mother lived in on the grounds of the De Leon estate has become a bone of contention between Anna and Naldo. Naldo wants the land to stay in his family but it was willed to Anna’s mother. As they fight over property and heritage, Anna and Naldo find themselves fighting their feelings for each other as well. 

In Seduced For The Inheritance, the obstacles seem insurmountable for Anna and Naldo. Somehow, even though they are faced with one dilemma after another, they manage to work through them though. Despite Naldo’s brusque attitude at times, I liked him. He was charming and sexy and Anna is sweet and strong-willed. I liked them together. The ending felt a bit rushed, but it’s a good story with a really sweet happily ever after. 


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