Sacking The Quarterback by Carol Lynne
Campus Cravings, Book 3
Total E-bound
Gay Contemporary Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-906328-15-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Koby loves playing football.  The adulation he receives from the fans makes up, at least a little, for his family thinking Koby and his football career are a waste of time.  So when Koby meets the team trainer, Julian, he wants Julian to work with him to bring Koby up to top form.  What’s completely unexpected is the attraction that they feel for one another and Julian’s hot and cold reaction to it.  What will it take to convince Julian to give him a chance?

Julian is damaged and he knows it.  While Koby is immensely attractive to Julian, there is no way he can pursue this relationship.  Julian is not ready; he may never be ready to have a normal relationship after surviving the abuse he did as a child.  Why would Koby want to hook up with someone with so many secrets and baggage as Julian?

Sacking the Quarterback is a nice romance that’s very hot with a good dose of angst.  Koby, for all his problems, is a happy and normal college student who is confident in his talent to play football.  Julian becomes the team trainer after turning down his chance to play professional football for unknown reasons. When Koby and Julian come together it is bittersweet because for all of Koby’s happiness, Julian is full of fear and self-loathing.  I liked this book and the encounters between Koby and Julian are scorchingly hot.  However, I found the journey that Julian takes – from living in fear of his abuser to the confrontation and prosecution of this man – to be too swift, making it feel rushed and incomplete.  Also, there was a lot of build-up to an encounter between Koby and Julian – that we don’t get to witness – which made me feel a little cheated.  Reading about Julian and Koby was hot, but not very realistic as their relationship seems to form out of thin air and they profess their love for one another rather suddenly.  Sacking the Quarterback is great for an afternoon’s entertainment when you are looking for something hot, but not necessarily realistic.


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