Rogue Theta by Bernadette Gardner
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781410011163
Reviewed by Indy



Lillianaís orders are clear, locate the rogue Theta and terminate him immediately. The problem begins as soon as she sets eyes on the Theta. Heís far from what she expected. Already close to death from the breakdown of his implants, Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Gaige still fights to keep his human side intact. Deciding that she would rather risk her own death than to murder an innocent solider whose mere presence opens up a flood gate of longing and softens Lilliana in a way she no longer thought possible, she decides to circumvent her orders. Together they both will need all of their strength and training if they are to escape the death sentence from Central Command that would come as soon as they discover Lilliana didnít follow orders

In a futuristic world where cyber enhanced creations are the norm, Rogue Theta is still able to infuse a sense of humanity when you would think all would be lost. A story filled with one twist after another, the mystery surrounding the Theta and his assassin turned savior is only one of the reasons I found myself really enjoying this piece of erotic fiction. I have to applaud Bernadette Gardnerís creativity with her plot and how she was able to keep me, as the reader, on the edge of my chair with all of the various creatures and hybrids that inhabited the galaxy. I was also impressed with dynamics of Gaige and Lillianaís relationship. Both were totally alpha but Gaige had a quiet strength that he didnít need to flaunt and was able to allow Lilliana, who had more connections and experience in the world they traveled, to take lead. Iím hoping this story is only the beginning for a couple that provided enough heat and excitement that I was sad when the story came to an end.


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