Risk Everything by Sophia Johnson
Blackthorn Trilogy, Book 3
Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8217-7883-8
Reviewed by Annmarie



Although she has forbidden her to leave the keep, Meghan of Blackthorn cannot be contained.  Meghan manages to steal away after dark with her horse, Storm, and her sparrowhawk, Simple.  The three set out to hunt in the woods surrounding Blackthorn.  Just as dawn breaks, Meghan feels as though she is being watched.  And she is.  Meghan tries to escape, but is captured by Rolf MacDaidh, the man Meghan had once secretly loved.

Rolf MacDaidh is known throughout the land as Lord Vengeance.  To Rolf, Meghan represents a means to exact revenge on the man responsible for the death of his wife and child.  Though Meghan’s spirit and beauty tempts Rolf, she must remain his captive in order for him to have his revenge.  While Rolf will share his body, he cannot share his heart.

I thought Rolf might very well break my heart into a million pieces.  His anguish and burning desire for revenge almost cost him the love of his heroine and my love too.  That Sophia Johnson could inspire such fierce emotion from her readers with Risk Everything speaks highly of her writing abilities.  Risk Everything triggers fierce emotions and the end result makes every tear worth it!


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