Remember Love by AlTonya Washington
Kimani Press - Arabesque
African American Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1583144077
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Trinidad Salem loves his wife, Dominique, very much, but when he learns of a secret she had been keeping since they’ve know each other, Trin felt deeply betrayed and angry—so much so, that he demands a divorce.  However, before anything could be resolved between them, Dom was presumed dead in a tragic plane crash.  Totally devastated at the loss of his wife, Trin turned to his work and sought out professional help to deal with his anger and bereavement.  Then about a year later, Trin receives some unbelievable news – Dom is alive!  Ecstatic, Trin immediately rushes to her side only to learn that Dom has no memory of him or their marriage. Because.  Not about to let a second chance at his marriage slip through his fingers, Trin begins to court Dom, hoping that one day soon she will regain her memory and they could resolve the issue that threatened to tear them apart.

Dominique awakens in a hospital with no recollection of who she is or how she got there.  And, then a handsome stranger appears claiming that he was her husband and that they were very much in love.  Attracted to him from the start, Dom allows herself to be romanced by Trin.  However, her newly found happiness is short-lived when Dom has a minor head banging accident that causes her to regain her memory.  Now, Dom realizes that before her amnesia, her marriage was on a downward spiral and very close to a divorce because of a secret from her past.

Is all hope lost or will Dom and Trin be able to mend their broken marriage before the point of no return?

The plot in Remember Love circles around two main issues – secrets and anger.  The heroine was keeping a secret that caused major destruction to her marriage which leads to the hero unable to maintain control over his rage and being on the verge of expressing a violent behavior.  Although, Dom should not have kept the secret, I could totally understand the reason why she chose not to tell Trin.  She knew Trin would be heartbroken and she did not want to cause him unnecessary emotional pain and heartache.  Nevertheless, she never would have imagined his reaction to be as such.  And, if the secret from her past wasn’t a big enough conflict, Dom’s job as an investigative reporter caused even more havoc on their relationship, because Dom’s new assignment was to investigate the company where Trin was the CEO.  Yikes!  There are some sexual scenes throughout the book, but they are vanilla and gently described.  Remember Love is AlTonya Washington’s debut novel and I found it to be a pleasant, enlighten read.


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