Rakahnja’s Haven by Nicole Austin
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Contemporary/Shape shifter
ISBN: 9781419912160
Reviewed by Rosemary



Anita Bennett is lost in her beloved Rocky Mountains, this has never happened to her before.   A head injury after a fall has left Anita confused and wandering without direction through the wilderness.  For years she has been coming to these mountains where she feels most at home, but Anita recognizes things have become desperate after days with no food or water.

Part man, part jaguar, Rakahnja prefers to spend his time in cat form with all his senses sharpened and alert.  Rakahnja knows Anita’s scent from the many times he watched over her campsite, yet he has never approached Anita before now, he must find a way to lead her to safety, he speaks to her mind, and even in a confused state, Anita feels a connection, and follows Rakahnja to his cave without fear.  When Anita develops a fever, Rakahnja has no choice but to shift into man form and carry Anita to the nearest hospital.  Days later, upon being released from the hospital, Anita is determined to find Rakahnja again.  He refuses to give in to Anita even though he knows she is his mate, Anita is too stubborn to leave, and makes herself at home in Rakahnja’s cave.  

Rakahnja’s Haven is a soulful romance that pulls at the heartstrings.  Anita is alone, and fears she will never fit in anywhere or have any true ties.  Rakahnja has consigned himself to a life of solitude, rather than face rejection, his parent’s sufferings in the past is still a constant reminder of how cruel life can be.  Nicole Austin has the talent to engage all your emotions into the character’s dilemmas, their sensuous intimate encounters, and the urge to cheer for the good guys.  This is a fantastic story that I enjoyed enormously.


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