Pulse by Anisa Damien
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-60088-040-1
Reviewed by Georgia



When her ex-husband returns to New Orleans, Cassidy can’t believe it.  Her heart was broken after his long absence and just when she’s finally learning to live again, he shows up.  What could he want with her?

Gabriel has never loved anyone like he loved Cassidy.  From their first meeting, he knew they were meant for each other.  When his job took him away from her and she petitioned for a divorce, he realized it wasn’t fair to her.  Giving her up was the most difficult thing he’d ever done.  Yet his past is threatening her safety and he’ll do anything to protect her…even love her.

Pulse is aptly named.  These two throb with anger and love and reading their story will definitely get your blood pumping.  Filled with action, suspense and a whole lot of sexual heat, this story details the feelings of a woman who must face the one man she truly loves.  Cassidy convinces herself that what she feels is dead, but Gabriel’s reemergence into her life throws her into a tailspin, especially with the evil that follows him.  Enjoy this action-packed story that captivates as you follow Cassidy on this journey of discovery.


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