Priceless Princess by Christina Carlisle
Book 2 of the Princess Series
New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60394-039-9
Reviewed by Tanya



Jade Oliver is in need of funds.  Her younger brother is still in the Hospital and her wicked step-mother sold her family home out from under her.  She thinks she has what it takes to be the one to keep the books at the Stony Creek Station, especially with the gorgeous owner Blake Jordan living there.  If she is able to find the secret Opal stash on the property at the same time all will be well for this princess.  She doesn’t count on the attraction she feels for Blake, or that he might be interested in her.  When she propositions him, and he turns her down she is not only embarrassed by disappointed.

Blake wants this Station to be as successful as it was years ago; he just needs the right group of people and livestock to make it happen.  When he is suddenly bombarded by Jade for the book keeping job he is stunned.  He didn’t know it was possible for anyone to talk as fast or as much as she can.  He decides to hire her on a trial basis, though what he really wants to do is get her in bed.  The princess seems to have a few to many secrets though, and that bothers him.

Priceless Princess is a heartfelt cowboy story set in the australian outback.  I enjoyed the way the story tied not only the main characters to the story but also the past lives of the “Princesses”.  Ms. Carlisle did a wonderful job portraying Jade and her non-stop conversations as well as the frustration of those who weren’t used to her.  The chemistry between the main characters is easily believable, which also makes Priceless Princess an enjoyable read.


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