Possessing Poseidon by Annmarie Ortega
Twilight Fantasies
ISBN 1-59836-320-4
Reviewed by Amelia



Beth has left Chicago, fleeing from her abusive stepbrother who will soon be released from prison. She has moved to California, living in a house left to her by her aunt. She knows that her stepbrother will
be released soon, and she is worried that he will track her down and try to get money out of her once he finds out she inherited the house and money.

When Beth has a swimming accident one day she is rescued by Denny, whom she promptly falls in love with. What Beth doesn't know is that Denny is really Poseidon, the ancient Greek god. When Beth sees Denny with another woman on the beach she refuses to see him anymore: until a Greek goddess intervenes.

Possession Poseidon is an intriguing tale about two people who both have secrets, and how those secrets are resolved. Lovers of mythology will enjoy this story.


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