Pledge Slave by Evangeline Anderson
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Romance/Shapeshifter (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-419-91191-0
Reviewed by Sabella



Andrew Baines has learned the hard way to never let others see his emotions.  That, along with his fierce determination to prove to his father that he is good enough, have seen him through the heinousness of pledge week at Alpha Psi.  However, when the last trial comes up for Andrew it forces him to face something about himself that he is ashamed of – his erotic thoughts about men.  Andrew is forced to perform oral sex on the Alpha Brother Tony – the one that will become his master until Andrew’s pledge year is over.  This one act changes everything – and not just for Andrew.  Still, Andrew will never admit that he found the whole experience arousing – he can’t.  Because doing so will lose him his father’s financial support and it goes against Andrew perceives he needs to be.

Tony Ginelli is used to people being intimidated by his size but this new pledge Andrew seems to be able to hold his own, which wins him Tony’s respect.  However, this same trait makes the Alpha Psi Chapter President pick on Andrew, which makes Tony want to protect him.  During the pledge year Andrew becomes Tony’s pledge slave, really a glorified whipping boy, but they also become more than friends – an untenable situation for many reasons.  Tony also has secrets that he can’t share but that have the power to destroy his relationship with Andrew.

When Andrew is pushed to perform such an erotic act on Tony they are both turned on by the fact that their partner is male and by the submissiveness that Andrew displays.  How will they reconcile all the issues pushing them apart?

Pledge Slave is a great book about finding the courage to be who you are and not who your family and those around you expect you to be.  Andrew is very lovable in his vulnerability, while Tony is a wonderful Alpha male that’s able to give Andrew what he wants in ways that allow Andrew to live with himself.  The light BDSM aspects of this book are used to provide a way for Andrew to get what he wants while not having to face the emotional responsibility for these actions immediately.  The journey that we make along with Andrew and Tony is heart wrenching while emotionally satisfying at the end.  From the very beginning of Pledge Slave it’s obvious that Andrew and Tony belong together and when they finally do come together – the experience is as moving as it is hot! Pledge Slave will grip you in ways that will pull you into the story; pick it up the next time you go shopping for an angsty and erotic read.


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