Perfect by Jennifer Leeland
The Wild Rose Press
Reviewed by Rosemary



At Folly Camp, located in northern California, three couples discover love.  Holly Brandon is a natural matchmaker to her friends, thatís why Holly and boyfriend Jeff Coville arranged the camping vacation. For Tracy Province and Josh Collins this is a blind date, but neither Tracy nor Josh were aware of Hollyís set up for them before they reached the campsite.  The couple secretly agreed to a no strings attached fling.  Kenny Alton and Shannon Hansen have been dating for a while, both want a commitment and both are afraid of rejection.

Perfect is a trilogy of steamy romance stories featuring each couple and the lessons they obtain relative to love.  Jennifer Leeland provides us with a synopsis of the past problems each couple has to prevail over before they can find happiness.  Overall, these are very sensual stories that I enjoyed.


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