Out Of Her League by Delores Airey
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0-595-42199
Reviewed by Nannette



Amy Scott is attending a business workshop when she meets Mike Brandleton. Mike is gorgeous and sophisticated, and Amy wants him immediately. Amy tries to interact with Mike during the three days at the workshop but she only succeeds in discovering that he is about to become engaged. Once the workshop is over though, they are given another chance to see each other again. 

Amy and Mike have much in common and it’s those interests that create new opportunities for them, but will Mike’s fiancé and his controlling father stand in the way of making a future together?

Out Of Her League takes a few unexpected and intriguing turns. It does however get a little drawn out towards the end. Mike is calm, cool and collected and Amy is a successful, independent woman.  They complement each other well.  Out Of Her League entertains with an interesting story and engaging characters.


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