One Night on a Balcony by Samantha Lucas
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-586-1
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jill Reed has watched her new neighbor Cole Adams ever since he moved in next door.  On a night when she couldn’t sleep, Jill prepares to go and sit on her balcony with the hopes of relaxing.  What Jill sees before she steps outside makes her slink back into the shadows of her home and watch quietly…or so she thinks. 

Cole Adams knows that his neighbor Jill watches him.  He watches her just as much, but knows that a man like him is not the best thing for a woman like her.  He isn’t good at marriage and a woman like Jill deserves that and more.

One Night on a Balcony captured my attention from the first word.  Having been a voyeur many years ago, I found myself in Jill’s place watching Cole.  She looked at him with hunger, hunger she was almost too scared of to investigate and take control of because of past hurts.  If Jill was hungry for Cole, then Cole was absolutely starving for a woman like Jill.  He was afraid of hurting her and so that made him be leery of commitment.  I found him enchantingly sexy and amazingly naughty.  His love and patience with Jill was textbook perfect.  Thumbs up on this one!


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