Not My Brotherís Keeper by Brandi Broughton
Cobblestone Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-60088-150-3
Reviewed by Indy



Spending years in a Mexican prison for crimes he didnít commit hasnít endeared Alejo De la Cruz, to the federal government, or belief in true justice. When he is given a chance to clear his name and finally escape the hole that is one more fight away from him being murdered, he is shocked as freedom comes on the heels of his own brotherís downfall. A brother who married Crystal, the woman Alejo planned to spend his life with, and a brother reportedly behind his downfall. Crystal receives the shock of her life when her dead lover shows up on her doorstep. Angry, a convicted felon and his appearance brings with him secrets some would kill to keep hidden.

In a story that puts the capital D in family dysfunction, Not My Brotherís Keeper has a background based on lies and deceit. Crystal, an innocent pawn in the deadly game being played around her, was almost forgettable because of the commanding role Alejo and his brotherís clash took in this story.  Brandi Broughton created really interesting drama, but one issue I took with the story is it being classified under suspense.  From the beginning, all the players are known as villain and hero, so Iím not sure how this could be anything but a contemporary piece of romance with a little extra excitement thrown in.


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