Moon Fever by Susan Sizemore, Maggie Shayne, Lori Handeland and Caridad Pineiro
ISBN 978-1416514909
Sensual Paranormal Romance Anthology
Reviewed by Nannette



Tempting Fate by Susan Sizemore

Desiree Gill is a huge fan of rock star Jon Coyote so sheís not surprised when she has an incredibly erotic dream about them together after seeing him in concert. What is surprising is how real the dream felt.  Jon is a vampire Prime and when his aunt calls to tell him about the effect Desiís dream has had on her, he knows itís finally time to take his mate.

Tempting Fate is hip, sensual and romantic, and Jon is too tempting to resist. He is a rock star and a vampire after all! I also loved the history between Desi and Jon; itís touching and very sensual.


The Darkness Within by Maggie Shayne

When Caroline Connolly frantically calls her brother after seeing a woman standing outside the window of her house, he arrives with a friend, a very hot friend.  Caroline canít take her eyes off of him and Jimmy Lipton is staring right back. Jimmy has been in love with Caroline for a long time and now that he is with her, the last thing he wants to do is leave. Caroline thinks she is too old for him, though, and believes he may be responsible for her ghostly visitor.

The Darkness Within is a very suspenseful story. Jimmy is the perfect man and despite what Caroline thinks, she and Jimmy are a perfect fit. A ghost, an unsolved mystery and a sexy romance make The Darkness Within a terrific story.


Cobwebs Over The Moon by Lori Handeland

Things have gone from bad to worse for Carly Kelly.  Sheís been shot at, her father is killed, and when she heads to the wilderness of Alaska to find her mother, she discovers more dead bodies and her mother missing. Then Dylan Shepard finds her. Together they set out in the ice and cold to find her mother while trying to stay alive from the creatures stalking them. Dylan says werewolves are after them but Carly doesnít believe in werewolves, until she sees one.

I really like Cobwebs Over The Moon. The werewolves are scary and the story is a bit dark. Its great characters and action-packed storyline would make a terrific movie!


Crazy For The Cat by Caridad Pineiro

Jessica Morales is in the Amazon trying to save the healing plants her friend Victor died researching. Her guide through the jungle is Javier da Costa.  Javier is reluctant to help Jessica and suspicious of her motives.  As they travel deeper into the jungle, the jaguar that killed Victor is now after Jessica as well. Javier can help her but he must do it in his other form.  Even if Jessica can accept him as he truly is, can she accept what he has to do to save her life?

Crazy For The Cat has a really mysterious feel to it. Itís also very sensual and full of action. I was drawn in by the graphic fights and the sensuality of the sex scenes.  Crazy For The Cat is a very good story.


Four talented authors offer four exciting stories in Moon Fever. If you like a little bite with your romance, Moon Fever has it, and so much more!


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