Miss Independent by Elisa Adams
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-153-X
Reviewed by Indy



The saying the third time is a charm takes on an entirely new meaning when discussing three divorces and another marriage that didnít take place. Deciding itís time for her to learn how to live on her own, Amanda Storm, moves away from her family, purchases a barely habitable cottage and swears off men. Of course life would throw an immediate curve into her plans in the form of her neighbor, contractor Joe Baker. Heís the gentleman she never found in the men of her past and one who has a knight in shining armor complex a mile long. His continued attempts to help her out are the last thing she needs when sheís finally trying to prove to all of those in her life that yes, she has what it takes to make it on her own.

As I sit here trying to determine how best to describe Miss Independent, the only word I can think of is classic neurotic female. Amanda Storm had a good reason for her phobia of commitment, but when youíre approaching your thirties I would hope youíre able to deal with your issues a lot better than the heroine in this story. Her hot and cold behavior toward Joe began to become annoying mid way through the story and made him look more like a needy sap than a virile lover. Elisa Adams is a good writer, but the plot wasnít something I find appealing. I can understand some hesitancy but not the entire story being made up of one character chasing after another who canít decide what she really wants.


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