Mind Games by Ciana Stone
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0589-9
Reviewed by Cassie



Brandon has always loved being an agent for SIRROCO, a government agency even more secret than the CIA, but recently sheís begun to have the strange feeling that something isnít right.  She wonders if the memories of herself and her fellow agents have been tampered with, especially after missions start to go wrong and people she should be able to trust seem to be hiding things from her.  As her life spirals increasingly out of control, she has to decide whether she can trust anyoneóher fellow agents, a man claiming to be an alien, or even herself. 

Mind Games is a fast-paced sci-fi tale with a lot of action.  There are so many twists and turns that I canít possibly describe them all.  Ciana Stone did a good job of making me wonder if Brandon could trust anyone, or if she might even be going crazy.  Unfortunately, this book had so much action there really wasnít any time for characterization.   I wanted to sympathize with Brandon, but I found it impossible to sympathize with a woman who would sleep with men she wasnít sure she could trust, especially after she slept with one man right after she had been brutally tortured and some her friends murdered.  There was a twist later that I guess was supposed to justify Brandonís behavior, but I didnít buy it.  The love interests she had to decide between were all one-dimensional.  I never really got to know any of them, so I found it hard to care which one turned out to be the good guy at the end.  The happily-ever-after seemed tacked on and not especially heartfelt, given everything Brandon had done throughout the story and the lack of a chance for her and the heroís relationship to develop.  There was also a lot of violence, with blood, gore, collateral damage, and even rape and torture.  Despite the nonstop action, eerie atmosphere, and suspense, I didnít feel enough heart in Mind Games to recommend it.


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