Midnightís Bride by Sophia Johnson
Blackthorn Trilogy, Book 2
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-8217-8049-7
Reviewed by Annmarie



Cursed by his baresark heritage, Mereck of Blackthorn has vowed never to love.  When Mereck encounters Netta of Caer Caldwell, itís as if destiny is at work.  Netta is being forced to wed and she needs protection from her family.  Mereck wants Caer Caldwell and the man who weds Netta will be Caer Caldwellís overlord.  The fact that Netta fires Mereckís passions makes him all the more determined to take Netta as his wife.

Believing Mereck a barbarian, Netta attempts to evade marriage to the fierce warrior.  Although he can offer his protection and his passion, Mereck will not give his heart.  Netta and Mereck are about to learn that you cannot avoid what fate has in store. 

Seeing Sophia Johnsonís name on a book cover sends my credit card to twitching.  I canít resist Ms. Johnson because I know Iíll not be reading another cookie cutter historical romance.  Midnightís Bride is the most classic romance in this series and is delightful.  Ms. Johnsonís ability to successfully distinguish each book in the Blackthorn trilogy but link the three together keeps the trilogy refreshing. 

Midnightís Bride is tenderly romantic, hysterically funny and deeply passionate.  A delightful read in every way, the Blackthorn trilogy is terrific!


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