Management Training by AP Miller
ISBN: 0-9789024-9-1
Reviewed by Barb


By day, Beverly Johnson is a successful, lonely, businesswoman. At night she is what her stock-boy Mark demands of her. Mark is torn by his feelings for her and his feelings for himself. He becomes his alter-ego Maureen, in an attempt to find out Beverly's most deepest, darkest secrets, giving him exactly what he needs to pleasure her.

Management Training is a story of two people who are not sure of themselves and each other. The character development is too far into the story to make you as interested in the characters as you might have been earlier in the tale. It would also have benefited from being two separate stories with regard to Mark’s alter-ego status. This aspect took the reader away from the main character storyline and made it harder to enjoy. It is not a bad story for a quick getaway on a Saturday afternoon.


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