Love With The Proper Rancher by Judith C. Rochelle
The Wild Rose Press
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-60154-098-1
Reviewed by Nannette



Paige Cavanaugh has been jilted again.  She was 30 minutes away from getting married when she discovers the true reason of why her fiancé, Michael Baldwin, is marrying her.  Angry and upset, Paige storms out and heads out of town.  She ends up in the small town of White Tail. 

Ryan Cutter finds Paige asleep in her car, in the parking lot of his law firm.  Ryan is a powerful man in White Tail.  Being a lawyer and owning a large cattle ranch in town, he is used to getting his way and he wants Paige out.

Paige decides to stay in town.  She gets a job and a place to stay, and frequently runs into Ryan.  Their meetings at first are usually confrontational, though soon an attraction grows between them.  Ryan decides the best way to get rid of his lustful thoughts about Paige is to indulge in one night of passion with her.  One night proves just to be a catalyst though.  Soon Paige and Ryan are looking for much more from each other.

Back at home, Paige’s dad is realizing that he made a huge mistake in making a deal with Michael and his family.  Now he has to find a way out of the mess he has made for Paige and himself.

Paige knows she has to tell Ryan everything but she is afraid of losing him.  Finding out the woman you love has lied and deceived you would make any man leave.  Paige hopes that her man is different though.  When he discovers the truth what will Ryan do?   

Love With The Proper Rancher is a sweet and simple story that is heartfelt and romantic.  Paige was looking for a fairytale and Ryan became her prince.  I was relieved and happy to see Paige finally get what she deserved and I was thrilled to see Ryan fall hard and fast for Paige after insisting that he wouldn't.   Love With The Proper Rancher is a light-hearted story that l left me smiling at the end.


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