Love C.A.R.L.O.S. by Kelsey George
The Wild Rose Press
Fantasy Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Sarah Gordon had a secret admirer.  First he sent some e-mails, then gifts began to arrive.  Finally, Sarah started to feel nervous and asks for help from her neighbor, Gavin.

Gavin McMaster is someone Sarah would like to get to know better, but he always seems to run away.  She didnít know if he was uninterested in her, or simply more comfortable with his computers.

Love C.A.R.L.O.S. had an intriguing plot and likeable characters.  I enjoyed the developing romance between Sarah and Gavin, however, the ending left me somewhat baffled.  I donít know if this story is supposed to continue, or personally, I believe it should have simply ended a few pages earlier.  It took a very satisfying short story and left me wondering.


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