Long Black Cadillac by BA Tortuga
Torquere Press
Vampire Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-60370-075-7, 1-60370-075-7
Reviewed by Sabella



Vance is a badass vampire hunter.  This last job, however, is not going down the way its supposed to he keeps running into his target, Clay, and getting bit.  Somehow Vance ends up in Clays shack out in the swamp and while not getting bit he is also not having sex with Clay because that would be all kinds of wrong.  Too bad the sex is out of this world and he seems to have an unbelievable connection with Clay that gets stronger every time Clay feeds off of him.  On top of all these revelations, Vance is realizing that not all vamps are bad while his boss is setting goons out to get him for consorting with the enemy.  Now, in the middle of all of this Vance needs to come to terms with the changes he is seeing in himself, the fact that hes feeling things for Clay that are mind blowing, all the while surviving getting shot, tortured and the bloodlust of a new vamp.

Long Black Cadillac is a great vampire romance with lots of humor, sarcasm, and the trademark bone-meltingly hot sex scenes that place BA Tortuga as one of the best gay erotica writers.  Vance has a twisted mind as a result of past experiences and hes full of vinegar even when hes on the losing side of an argument.  Clay is funny, charming and full of surprises.  It was awesome to watch these two as they danced around each other while Vance completely denied what was going on even while it was happening.  These two will burn you up when they come together and entertain you with their utterly ridiculous arguments.  This book is full of lava hot sex, humor and a fast paced plot.  However, I wished we could have gotten more background on the vampire culture and on the two secondary characters Remy and Gryphon, whom we meet late in the book.  Still, Long Black Cadillac is a great book for a long afternoon break when you want something hot and funny.


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