Lifemate Connections: Eryn by Keri Arthur
ImaJinn Books
Shapeshifter; Suspense
ISBN: 1-933417-23-4
Reviewed by Indy



A medical secretary isnít the most exciting job in the world, which is why Eryn James sometimes offers her services to the local police. It ensures excitement and her latest assignment will allow her access to one of the hottest private clubs available. Lifemate Connections allows women, who are currently a major minority, to select a possible mate in a safe environment. With a serial killer on the loose killing women who all have the club in common, the police send Eryn undercover, hoping she can sniff out the killer before another dead body turns up or she becomes next on the ever growing list of dead women.

Donít you just love it when women are given sexual freedom in stories that is sometimes lacking in real life? Lifemate Connections: Eryn stars a beagle-shifter with none of the human hang-ups about sex , but is still just as susceptible to love as the next woman. I must admit to laughing when I saw she was a beagle blend, but different is what Iíve come to expect from Keri Arthur and she continues to meet my expectations for the odd and the sexually intense. Though not as developed as some of her other stories, this was still a great story, full of intrigue, danger and of course had the required hot and deadly alpha male needed when dealing with a woman like Eryn.


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