Liaisons in Jubilee by Jamie Craig
Midsummer Nightís Steam
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance, Red Hot!
ISBN: 1-59998-587-X
Reviewed by Indy



Katie Mayes has her dream job: being a high powered executive for a high end resort has her living the life. A life that includes summer escapades with the Entertainment Director, Caleb Beckett, her subordinate, and a definite no-no in the eyes of her boss.  Being told to break things off or risk losing her job has Katie torn between the hot loving sheís come to crave like her next breath, or keeping her job that she loves with just as much passion. It may have been easier to make the break if lust and sex didnít just turn into love and the chance at forever.

In another explosive summer addition, heat has nothing on the intimate trysts between Katie and Caleb. Open, daring and a no holds barred evening of lust made Liaisons in Jubilee sinful to read and a delight to experience. I guess itís true that A-type personalities excel at everything, including passionate sex that could make more glaciers melt than the warming taking place on the planet. Canít wait to see what Jamie Craig has in store for their readers next, Iím sure if this juicy morsel is anything to go by, then I better make sure I keep my fan close by.


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