Letting Loose! by Mara Fox
The Wrong Bed, Book 2
Harlequin Blaze
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Tina Henderson can’t relax. A lawyer, she is tough and gritty and basically a no nonsense kind of woman.  She has not been successful at relationships so she avoids them.  She finds herself attracted to lawyer Tyler Walden but doesn’t act on her attraction because of her lack of faith in the romance department.  What she needs is a stripper. A stripper like “The Bandit”. 

Tyler Walden wants Tina Henderson in the worst way.  Used to succeeding in getting what he wants, Tyler poses as a stripper called “The Bandit” at Tina’s friend’s bachelorette party.  He is so convincingly perfect that Tina invites him to perform for her privately.  Tyler knows it is wrong to continue this charade but he does it anyway. 

Letting Loose! is about losing inhibitions and grabbing things in life you wouldn’t usually grab.  Tina had not had a very good dating career so she was scared. She was scared to love and scared to care.  Tyler, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid and knew that in order to get Tina in the first place, he had to resort to drastic measures. Measures that almost cost them their relationship.  I loved how “The bandit” took one last chance at Tina’s feelings by showing up and proceeding to change Tina’s mind.

Mara Fox intrigued me with Letting Loose!.  Hopefully I can go back and find the first book of this miniseries called Letting Go!.  Letting Loose! was a cute read and I enjoyed it very much.  It even brought a tear to my eye, so as far as I am concerned, it was a perfect afternoon read.


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