Lawman by Diana Palmer
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0-373-77238-4
Reviewed by Nannette



FBI agent Garon Grier has just moved to the small town of Jacobsville. He is working a case of a child who was abducted and killed. Garon wants no entanglements and intends to continue his solitary life, concentrating on the killer. A relationship, especially one with his frumpy neighbor Grace Carver, is out of the question, but when Grace needs him, he helps her, and a friendship of sorts begins to form between them. 

Garonís and Graceís lives have been filled with secrets, danger, and anguish. Grace was the victim of an atrocious crime when she was a child. It changed her life forever.  Garonís painful past haunts him as well.  They could help each other, especially when Grace needs to face her demons again, but Garon is sure Grace is not want he needs or wants, until he is about to lose her.

Lawman is a dramatic, moving, and suspenseful story. Grace is very innocent and sweet. It makes Garonís eventual hostility towards her uncalled for. The violent attack Grace suffered is heartbreaking and the details could be upsetting to those sensitive to crimes against children. Grace is portrayed as a victim but also a survivor. Lawman is a very good story and I liked Grace a lot. By the end, Garon redeemed himself as well. 


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