Ladies! Meet Red Hot Alaskan Men by Nancy Lindquist
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance, Red Hot!
ISBN: 1-59998-585-3
Reviewed by Indy



With odds in their favor, women from the lower 48 are signing up in groves at The Alaskan Connection, a dating service to match up men from the numerous places in Alaska where women are scarce. Chastity Cuthbert is the owner of the service and on “s” list of the Mayor from Smithfield, Alaska. Her companies next stop in the gravy train of love. Trying to talk some sense into his town about the ills of women coming to their world with love in mind, Dave Wellington decides to go to the woman responsible for upsetting his city’s peaceful existence. The two clash in more way than one when an unexpected one night stand turns into something neither could have seen coming.

Having lived in Alaska for four years the title of this novella grabbed me as soon as I saw it. A place where nature is at its best and the beauty of the land is just as enticing as the odds for women looking for love. Ladies! Meet Red Hot Alaskan Men hit the nail on the head with its storyline about men looking for love. Nancy Lindquist’s comical tale of two people at odds on the respectable way for the men of the Alaskan frontier to find compatible women was like a summer storm, one minute things are clear and the next a tornado is running through your town. I was overjoyed that the story was sexy and kinky, because I know from experience Alaskan men can be just as hot and dirty as their southern neighbors. Readers will love this addition to the Midsummer Night’s Steam books that leave you sweltering and panting for more.


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